How it works

Kiwibots are supervised semi-autonomous robots that navigate sidewalks using sensor and cameras technology; just select Kiwi as your shipping method and await for a cute robot to deliver your order; you can track it through a SMS link sent to your phone.

When your bot has arrived, use the link sent to your phone to open the door and get your food. It will close it by its own when you are done. Don't forget to thank your bot and leave a review :)




We reduce the time to market and setup costs for businesses that want to employ our delivery services for the convenience of their consumersTextText

We are making cities more convenient, friendly, and most importantly, sustainable by reducing the congestion caused by automobile deliveryTextText

Our Kiwibots are here to serve YOU. We foster a genuine connection between people and robots by bringing innovation directly to the clientText

Delivery area


- Mondays to Fridays 11:00 PM to 4:00 PM

- Just three (3) meals per order, or anything that fits within a 12x12x9 in container :)